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There is no need to hurry when you choose an auto body shop. Don’t rush your decision.

What is most important is choosing the right auto body repair shop.

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If the time has come to repair your car, or if you have just had an auto accident or collision, then the time has come to look for an auto body shop. This can be a difficult choice, and sometimes you can be cheated if you do not pay attention to all the details. There are some things everyone should know before choosing the best body shop out there.

An auto body shop is a repair shop where automobiles are fixed by auto body mechanics. An automotive body professional fixes dents, straightens or aligns bent frames or bodies, and replaces parts that cannot be repaired. A good auto body shop will restore your car’s autobody and make it look brand new again.  It is important to trust the people working there, as well as their skills, but this might be difficult if you never had the opportunity to work with them or haven’t had a need for their specialty before. Your car is a very big investment, so make sure who you use for the work is someone you can trust. The wrong auto body shop can ruin the value of your car.

Here are some tips on who to choose for the repairs

• Auto Body Credentials

Do they have years of experience or credentials for Auto Body Repairs? Is it posted on their website or in their shop. Are they members of a credited institution, like I-CAR?

• Auto Body Testimonials

Read testimonials about their auto body shop. Read what their past clients have to say about their auto body repair work on their websites and/or on third party websites, such as Google Plus, Facebook, Yahoo and other places where you can get honest reviews.

• Auto Body Portfolio

Look to see if they have a portfolio of the autobody repairs they have performed. See if they have a before and after photo gallery that you can look at. A picture is worth a 1,000 words, but that is still not enough information to make a good decision on who you should use for your auto body repairs.

• Auto Shop Work Area

Before you let anyone work on your car, it is important to check the working conditions in the auto body shop. One that is neat and well organized is more likely to be trusted than one that is disorganized and messy. These are some of the things to look out for when you check to see how professional the employees are.

• Information

Also very important is the willingness of the employees to offer all the information that you may require, at any time you ask for them. These may include explaining in detail the nature of the problems your car is experiencing, what repairs are to be done, and most importantly, the total costs of the repair. If the employees are offering wrong or false information, this could lead to unpleasant situations, thus it is very important to know all the details of the agreement.

• Agreement Compliance

When you decide on a certain body shop, make sure that all the data you need, such as the start and end times of the repair, as well as its total costs, are known upfront.  The repair shop must announce any delays in the schedule, as well as any additional costs that may be incurred by the the repairs.

Another essential thing to be mindful for is the invoice. The latter should always mention useful information, such as client info, type of car, reparations made, price and finalization date. When paying for the repairs/services, the company should release a bill for the money it receives from you. Companies that are not releasing an invoice or bill, or avoid filling up the necessary documents, should not be trusted. The invoice also serves as a guarantee that the repairs are done.

• Prices

Last, but not least, you should ask the body shop representatives about their price lists. Prices that are too high for the current market should only be accepted if the repairs, or the car parts that will be used, are of a higher quality than those available from other body shops. A lower-than-average market price should be avoided, because it usually casts doubt on the credibility of the company.

These are the most important things you should know before having to deal with an auto body shop.

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