You Don’t Have to Go through Your Insurance Company to Get Auto body Damages Fixed

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Having a car accident is a terrifying and stressful experience as it is, not to mention all the problems that you will probably have afterwards, including all the expenses. The fact that people want to play by the rules is understandable, and perhaps this is why most of them choose to go through their insurance company in order to get the car damages fixed. But

here’s something many do not know: in fact, if you double check your contract, you will see that this is not stated as something compulsory after an accident.

So, you can choose any place you want to get your auto body damages fixed, whether it is a friend’s place or a shop that you trust. Dealing with the insurance company means a lot of time spent on filling out papers and more money than the sum you would spend in a shop specialized in car damages, such as Fields Autobody Shop.


Fields Auto Body


Fields Autobody Shop is one of the places you can bring your car to after an accident. As a good reputation is crucial in this line of work, we always do our best to deliver perfect quality.

If you decide to work with us, you get an advocate who will make sure everything will be done right. We will finish the repair work in a timely fashion, and your car will look as good as new when we’re done with it. Nobody will notice any traces of the accident, allowing you to forget about the unpleasant experience and just enjoy your car like you always had.

So, remember: you have a choice! Working with Fields Autobody Shop means less time to wait for your car to be done and better quality for less money than having the car fixed through your insurance company.

Check out Fields Autobody for yourself and ask them for a quote before you do any thing else.

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